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Based on the original article by Karman Hotchkiss.


Peers Unite: Unleashing the Power of Connections

Between all the Zoom calls and Teams meetings, it can be hard to keep track of which ones are actually worth our time. But one type of meeting that's always worth it? Meetings with your peer managers.

These are the folks who, like you, are responsible for different departments within the company. And while they might not be on your team, they're still your colleagues—and they can be a huge asset.

That's because peer meetings are a great opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and solve problems together. When we work together, we can move the business forward faster and solve even the toughest challenges.

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Beyond Boundaries: Collective Superheroes in Action 

While coaching and leading your team is important, it's also important to recognize the impact of being a co-player on a team of fellow managers. When cross-functional superheroes like you come together, the possibilities become endless.  

Peer managers collaborating effectively become a force to be reckoned with: a dynamic team capable of solving problems, seizing opportunities, and taking the business to new heights. So suit up and get ready to shift your industry like never before!

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Support Squad: Building Relationship Bridges Beyond Your Department

In the grand adventure of career growth, having a solid support squad makes all the difference. By building bridges with our peer managers, you create a network of allies who cheer you on, offer guidance, and share their collective wisdom. 

Together, you’ll navigate twists and turns of professional development, amplifying each other’s strengths and conquering challenges along the way. Together, you’ll push one another to earn, grow, and lift your organization to new heights.

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The Ripple Effect: Making Waves Beyond Your Team

Leading your team is awesome, but don't forget that your actions have an impact on the whole company. When you work with your fellow managers and align your efforts, you create a ripple effect that goes beyond your team. Your collaboration and shared successes inspire others, creating a culture of teamwork that drives the company's growth and success.

So get out there and start making waves!


Cultivating Camaraderie: The Importance of Relationships in the Workplace

Gone are the days of exclusive networks formed on golf courses or in closed-door meetings. Instead, the modern workplace thrives on camaraderie and relationships. 

Recognizing the importance of genuine connections with your peer managers enhances not only your professional experience but also the overall atmosphere within the company

It’s time to cultivate the camaraderie that leads to supercharged collaboration. 

In an environment of open communication, trust-building, and mutual support, each member of the team can thrive: build those bridges, fuel the exchange of ideas, and unleash the power of your peer network.

What can you do to build genuine, high-charged peer manager relationships?

  • Be proactive. Don't wait for them to come to you. Reach out to them and introduce yourself.
  • Be helpful. Offer to help them with their projects or tasks.
  • Be supportive. Be there for them when they need help.
  • Be open to feedback. Be willing to listen to their feedback and make changes as needed.


Reimagining Team Priorities for Greater Impact

  • As a manager, it's time to think outside the box and consider the power of partnerships with your fellow managers.
  • Instead of focusing solely on your own team, take a step back and look at the big picture. You can make a huge impact on the company's success by working together with your peers.
  • Building strong relationships, fostering collaboration, and embracing the collective responsibilities of being a manager will not only help you grow professionally, but it will also help build a thriving, interconnected organization. 

Together, we can create an environment where every team, every department, and every manager thrives. So, let's get to work!

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